‘Round and ‘Round

It shouldn’t have been this complicated.

A few weeks ago, the lights in the ceiling fan were sputtering. Then the whole thing went out.

I bought a new one at big box home improvement store. On the advice of my therapist, I splurged for an $80 installation. I spent half an hour on a Tuesday evening watching two guys try to enter in my information into their computer. Finally, I told them I had to feed the kids and would come back the next day. Probably spent 40 minutes standing there the next day. This was just to process the installation service.

While waiting, I saw a nice couple we know, also buying a ceiling fan. They didn’t need to pay for installation, because the husband would do it. Of course he would. I braided daughter’s hair to pass the time.

The store called a few days later and let me know that Randy and Kenny were going to NASCAR the next week, so they could send in a guy from the next store over or wait til Randy and Kenny came back. I don’t give a damn about Randy and Kenny and their friggin’ recreational activities and I just want someone to solve my problems and somehow I found myself telling big box lady to refund my money and I’d do it myself.

So I spent another week walking past the ceiling fan. I read the instructions and let those simmer. I put in a call to a recommended electrician, but guy was busy. One day daughter pulled out the box and was like, Let’s do this. We assembled it and got to the point where we’d wire it. I stopped at my new favorite electric and plumbing supply store (where the guys behind the counter treat me with the same respect they do the contractors) and bought some decent wire cutters/stripper. We were set to go. Then the electrician got back to me, and I told him, definitely stop by. Good thing he did. We’d made some minor mistakes in the assembly. He fixed them in minutes, but they would have defeated me. He also discovered that the wiring was out (because husband had rigged up the family room wires to the wiring in the bathroom) and the GFI outlet in the bathroom needed to be reset to get the switch in the family room to work. It was that easy. But we never would have figured that out.

Daughter and I hung out with the electrician. He gave us some tips about this and that. He took a look at the wiring in the house and advised us not to hire him to upgrade; we’re good and don’t need to spend the money. He charged $30.

Lesson: I do need to contract out, but I need to find reliable folks. I’ve got a few small supply shops around here I like for my own fix-it projects. But I need to strike the balance between Grrl-Power-We-Can-Do-Anything and Just-Hire-A-Guy. Now I’ve got to find guys like this electrician to help me do the stuff I can’t, or shouldn’t.


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