A Little Tip

The plumber came to take the fill valve out. His visit couldn’t have lasted more than 5 minutes. He didn’t make me feel dumb for wrestling with the old fill valve. He said, “Let me show you a little tip,” and showed me how the top of the fill valve comes off, so you can just slide off the old one and slide in a new one without taking the whole thing out of the toilet. He hung around to make sure the toilet filled and wasn’t leaking from my futile efforts and noted, “Hey, this is the good old wall mount toilet.” We chatted about Crane toilets and I boasted that my husband found a replacement seat in the same seafoam green, from Crane Co. It was like seizing a chance for a little tribute, because that toilet seat replacement is kind of quietly awesome.

2 thoughts on “A Little Tip

  1. Our houses are 60s houses. The houses were swingin’, and the toilets too, apparently.

    Come visit the upstairs floating green toilet next time you’re over. Come appreciate the 60s green, hanging from the wall.

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