There He Is

While doing laundry on Friday morning, I spotted a hole in the ceiling over the laundry tub. The ceiling there is low, made of strips of solid wood. A decent hole was chewed out, with insulation hanging out.

I called my guy. He couldn’t make it until Monday. I affixed a poison stick to a glue trap, stuck the stick up the hole, and duct taped the trap to the outside of the ceiling. The next morning, the glue trap was hanging by a few strips of duct tape, and the poison stick was gone, presumably dragged up into the ceiling space with Geoffrey.

Pest guy made it here this morning. The good news is that he’s not seeing signs of an infestation. While he reloaded the bait box, I used the opportunity to bring some things to go downstairs. I’m standing at the bottom of the steps. He’s kneeling in front his bait stash when I hear him say, “There he is.”

His flashlight traced a path up the wall. He was just kneeling there, smiling.

“What are you gonna do?” I asked, backing up the stairs.

“There’s nothing I can do.”

Ends up he was watching Geoffrey scramble up the inside the wall. He could see the impressions of his feet.

If Geoffrey had been outside the wall, he would have “stomped him.” I take some small comfort in that.

Oh, and no charge for the visit. I had a 30 day guarantee. Geoffrey will be wary of the bait box for a few days, so, I’ve just got to wait. There are clean kitchen cloths in the dryer. We may have to switch to paper towels for a while. No comfort in any of that.

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