I’d rather have a tube up my butt than grieve

I had my first colonoscopy today.

The doctor ordered no driving. Before I could melt down (I have no husband to wait for me in the waiting room! I have to drive my kids!), friends swooped in to take care of the logistics–one friend drove me home, another brought daughter home from school, a third brought son to his therapy appointment after school.

The prep? A day and a half of no food and evacuation of bowels? It brought me out of this grief and made me think about something else for a day and a half.

The procedure? All I had to do was show up. And I got an excellent nap from theĀ anesthesia.

That third friend sent my son home with soup, salad, and bread. Although I’m mobile, son insisted on heating the soup and serving me in bed, on a tray. He came in halfway to ask, “Is everything to your satisfaction?” Indeed, it was.

I’ve got to admit, it felt good to be waited on for a change. And it felt good to snap out of this monotony of grieving.

My next colon screening is scheduled for five years from now. I’m hoping that by then, it’ll be a pain in the ***.


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