That’s Reader, FicheReader

Part One of our Bond Thanksgiving is going well. I took the kids to see the new James Bond movie after school, so we could start their long weekend without thinking of the looming holiday that we’re excluded from.

I wasn’t expecting a psychoanalytic treatment of Bond, who contended with his old-fashioned status in a digital world. Bond had to go back and dig deep, both in time and into the earth, to regain his footing. He went back to the beginning, not to stay there, but to destroy it, and to reemerge in the here and now. When we see a TOP SECRET 007 file on the desk in the last scene, we know that Bond is reconstituted, bringing the old into the new and bringing himself into the here and now.

Bond has found his new normal.

I was counting on Bond to help me escape from my life this holiday. I didn’t know he would help me reflect so much, and admire the process.

Oh, James.

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