Not so chatty or catty

Back to work means back to meetings, too. My colleague (and friend) led one of them. The meeting was about someone else, but over the course of the hour my colleague shared so much about herself. She revealed her personality traits, a project she’s involved with, her own approach to the matter. I think I counted 5 unsolicited facts I learned about my colleague. Who was this meeting about, anyway? It was so funny. I was tempted to start a running tally.

This is the sort of thing I would have tucked away then let go good-naturedly with my husband when I got home. “Egads! Self-absorbed much?” we’d say as I recounted the meeting as we got ready for dinner. We’d laugh, commiserate, and move on.

Now there’s no one to share it with. It would just be plain old gossip to share it with other colleagues, and pretty mean-spirited, as well. When I shared with my husband, it was never mean, it was just me letting go of thoughts I’d stored up, telling stories about the characters I’d meet over the course of my day, revisiting minor aggravations that revealed themselves to be petty once I said them out loud. He was a neutral third party. I don’t have that now.  That’s probably for the best, really. It’s not nice to talk about other people.

Now, I see someone’s self-absorbed oversharing. It doesn’t affect me, so I don’t let it get under my skin, hence it doesn’t leave the room with me (except for making it into this blog post, natch). I note it. I let it go. This is probably a better way to live.

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