Saturday Yin and Yang

I’m watching a series on Hulu that purports to be an Irish version of The Wire. I can’t understand everything they’re saying, the Irish guys all look alike, and I fall asleep a few times an episode. Good show, though. I woke up at 2am, and I was glad to have this show; I could count on a half episode of continuous sleep until I’d wake up again and try to figure out which one is Tommy and why he’s in trouble.

I participated in a “yoga detox” workshop, then I went to straight to the bakery to buy wine. (It was for a friend!) On line, I ran into a woman who was also at the yoga detox workshop. She was buying a sandwich. I sheepishly held up my wine. She ran off to buy the same wine. That was a relief. Good workshop, though. Lots of breathing, lots of sweating.

We share our driveway with someone with a lot of problems. We were driving up while she was driving down, and she practically barreled us down the driveway while we backed out into the street. Daughter and I were laughing/screaming and maybe she wasn’t really barreling us down, but it was kind of scary. While in a mid-practice Savasana at the “yoga detox” workshop I had the space to reflect, and if this was the thing that bothered me the most about the day, this wasn’t so bad, in the scheme of things. Unstable neighbor is unstable. I let it go and left my anxiety about her swirling around with our collective exhales and perspiration.

I had a nice time at the friend’s house, just a few women, sampling various wines (all from said bakery) and snacks, someone read poetry, I walked home in the chilly night, appreciating the quiet and the cold. The kids were still up and son complained that I never made him nachos. I’d told him that if they got hungry, they could make nachos. Instead, they must have sat staring at the fixins, filled with hunger and learned helplessness, while I was out. I sent them downstairs to make the nachos. Fight ensued. (11pm + hungry children, I know, I know.) I swooped down and unloaded the dishwasher while they aired their grievances. I madethedamnnachosalready and took a few for myself. Then I watched 10 minutes of the Irish show until it inevitably knocked me out. Good show.


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