I’m back to napping again, almost daily. The need hits mid-afternoon and/or early evening. Unlike the napping in those early days, I can resist the urge and soldier through the fatigue, but it’s much more pleasant to give in.

I went to a yin yoga class with a new teacher. Her voice is calming. The room was so warm. So, yes, during those three-minute poses held in a reclined position, I napped. It got to the point where I would move to the next position and fall right back into the zone. In a few poses, I started dreaming, which I know because I heard dialogue that was interrupted by the teacher’s instruction to move on to the next pose. It stopped being sleeping-while-practicing-yoga and more like sleepwalking, only doing yoga instead of walking. How inappropriate, but how nice. I got my nap and stretched my hips, too. 

We’re not supposed to sleep in yoga or meditation. But I like to think that I can break those rules. If I slept, it was probably because I needed to. I’m not sure why I’m sleeping so much lately. It could be the bodywork (acupuncture one week, followed by a massage). It could be the accumulated insomnia. It could be the increase in exercise (as modest as it is). I don’t need to pinpoint the cause. I need to nap. I nap. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with healing. 

3 thoughts on “Nap

  1. Indeed. I had a very intense “healing” massage last weekend, and it completely wiped me out. I was so tired one night, I didn’t even eat dinner. This weekend, I’ve been continuing to process, and again…I needed to nap. Things are going on under the surface. I’m with you, we are processing our grief, and we are healing.

  2. I’m glad you got that massage! And thanks for sharing about your own fatigue. I could feel myself holding all of this in, in the early days. I’ve suspected that the bodywork is letting it out, and that takes a different kind of processing. But I was starting to wonder if I’m just overthinking this. NIce to see it confirmed by another.

    Here’s to healing. *sigh*

  3. God, I’m so opposite. If I get five hours a night that’s a lot. And no, I’m not tired during the day. Maybe in part it’s my terror (and boy I’m not exaggerating) about finding work, how exactly I’m supposed to even go about that. Everything hits harder with Philip gone. I’ve done yoga on and off for years. I’ve been off for too long now, it’s time to get back.

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