How Many Months Does It Take for a Widow to Change a Light Bulb?

This time last year I couldn’t unscrew these globes to change the lightbulb.


I made some progress in figuring out how to unscrew them, 


but I was pretty nervous to tinker with those round globes in the first picture. It’s hard to stand in a place that feels secure, it’s awkward to reach through the wood railings around the stairway.

Since that first photo, all three globe lights have gone out. (wtf, cfl bulbs? I thought you were supposed to last for YEARS….oh, maybe you did. We’ve lived here for 7 years.) My poor son, the night owl, has had to rig up various lighting arrangements throughout the house for getting up the dark stairs at night. 

So this morning I grabbed some new cfl bulbs and had a go at it. I started with the globe closest to me. I unscrewed the top from the globe, slid out the supporting mechanism at the correct angle and carefully lowered the globe to the ground. I replaced the bulb, dusted off the globe, carefully slipped it back onto the supporting mechanism, struggled for a moment in lining the cap back on the top, but I figured it out. Done.

Then I turned to the next globe, a little farther away. I could reach it, but I couldn’t see the top from where I was standing. Turns out that didn’t matter, now that I knew how to do it. Replaced that one. Stood back and eyed the third, which is the biggest, heaviest one and farthest away. Now that was tricky and possibly dangerous. Took a deep breath and….did it.


I’ve gotta say, I wondered about the original designers of this groovy house, what with all these mysterious fixtures. I was stymied. Now that I know how to do it, I appreciate the mechanisms and placements as sort of brilliant. Gotta trust the process. And sometimes, you’ve got to figure the process out.

Careful readers may notice that my original globe post was dated August 11, 2012, and today is August 11, 2013. Since I’m loathe to commemorating anniversaries, we’ll just call this a coincidence and enjoy the illumination.


One thought on “How Many Months Does It Take for a Widow to Change a Light Bulb?

  1. When my husband had his stroke and I was designing our a new house I was so intimidated by changing light bulbs close to the ceiling that I choose fixtures that all had open globes at the bottom so I can stand on the floor and use a long handled light bulb changing tool to change bulbs. No ladders or calling someone to change a burned out bulb in this house.

    I love the architectural details in your photo above and congratulations on over coming your fears!

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