A Fitting Memorial

My runs take me past the hospital, where there are memorial benches and memorial trees. It’s made me think about a memorial for my husband, someday. This morning my dog and I ran 40 minutes and stopped near the water fountain at the hospital. I used one hand to press the button and the other to hold water, then quickly moved down to her to lap it up. Not the most efficient way to tend to a thirsty dog. I wondered if doggie water fountains existed. If they do, wouldn’t that be a perfect memorial to my husband? He was a friend to dogs, as well as to the rest of us.

I came home, googled, and, of course, doggie water fountains exist. We’re not ready for a memorial, but someday, when we are, this could be it.


2 thoughts on “A Fitting Memorial

  1. What a good idea. That might be something you could set as a five years out goal, to do a memorial dog fountain. Others might even want to contribute and by then you’ll be ready for the kind of closure we get from doing memorials.

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